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13th October 2014
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13th October 2014
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Zankyou no Terror x Psycho Pass crossover!

I did the thing ༼✷ɷ✷༽ and i like the thing! why isn’t this an actual thing?

13th October 2014
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I’ll leave the rest to you. Hey… Remember us… Remember…That we lived.

13th October 2014
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Way to go Kougami. Best way to cheer someone up.
07th October 2014
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07th October 2014
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SNK favorite characters » Annie Leonhardt » She’s not strong

"she still walks the road that’s long,..

…but maybe she forgets it’s not worth trying”

Based on : (x)

07th October 2014
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Whether a human or a ghoul dies, if it’s somebody I know, I wouldn’t be able to take it.

07th October 2014
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Yato || Episode 2
05th October 2014
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